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Human values drive sustainable success and accountability

March 20, 2012

Human values drive sustainable success and accountability
Understanding the power of a quality relationship management depends a good deal on an awareness of people’s behavior and preferences. Soliciting from any group, community or department, what motivates, inspires and provides satisfying experiences is a key to creating strong bonds and powerful alliances that drive buy in and support, no matter the context.
Currently relationship management, across all its various attributions, is poorly understood and even more abysmally executed. If the current understanding of relationship management is simply to monitor and respond to negative commentary on your reputation, your brand, your business or your services, or to follow up and cross sell when the customer or client has fallen off your radar, this is no better than shutting the stable door long after the horse has bolted it. It’s about listening, responding, reciprocating, acknowledging, modeling ethics and values, everywhere you are or your business is active.
The value of building and maintaining a reputation built on the seven principles of human givens (accountability, boundaries, respect, responsibility, honesty, support and trust) means creating cooperative alliances and rewarding relationships. This cannot be short cut, avoided, undeserved or manipulated. We are each being held to account on our behaviors in regard to our commitments and on this we stand or fall in peer assessment.
There is no excuse now, given the quantity and quality of tracking technologies and social media assets, not to create a formidable and very manageable strategy to build and sustain quality relationships and use all positive testimonials, word of mouth recommendations and quality referrals to build personal and professional capital as well as business advantage. To fail to implement such a strategy is to be asleep at the wheel in a fast moving and competitive world.
YJ Draiman


Businesses flee Los Angeles as economy tanks – YJ Draiman

March 20, 2012

Businesses flee Los Angeles as economy tanks

Within the past months I spoke to numerous business owners in LA to discuss industry growth, where there are over 20,000 businesses.   While speaking to the business folks and community leaders, it was apparent that many businesses represented were struggling to pay the bills and just keep their business afloat. They are struggling to stay open, let alone expand and hire more employees. These problems reach far beyond businesses in LA they are very real struggles for thousands of families and workers inLos Angelesand across the county.

I am very concerned with what we can do to create more jobs.  I was a small businessman myself and I know the inherent difficulties businesses face trying to keep a business up and running, let alone with City Hall getting in the way making it harder and more expensive.  The policies coming out of LA’s City Hall have failed, and it is time to fix it.

Just recently I was talking to some business owners and I asked what is would be like if every business in LA added just one more employee.  There are over 20,000 small businesses in theLos Angelesarea. Think about what a difference it would make in our communities, and to our families if each of these businesses were able to hire somebody who is unemployed.
It is the small businesses, the “mom and pop shops,” that employ our families and drive the economy of our communities, and I need the opinions of these folks that are on the front line.  That is why I have devoted endless hours and days to find out what could be done do to persuade every business to hire just one more employee.

I recently inquired of some businesses asking what the city could do to help them grow their business.  What law, tax or regulation is keeping you from hiring?  Is there a city policy that is hurting rather than helping your business?  What can the city do to help you expand?

I started receiving feedback.  I received responses that ranged from concrete ideas on how to reform the city tax code to repealing burdensome city laws and regulations that are impeding on their business expansion.

With the responses I received, I decided to meet with additional interested businesses owners in our community to further discuss their ideas, where I discussed the critical issues hindering job growth in LA and what City Hall can do to get LA working again. Business owners and leaders from a wide array of industry discussed what is keeping them from hiring one more worker.  Additional input is required in order to come up with viable plan.

The frustration of these business owners is palpable, and I share this frustration.  In these tough economic times, LA City Hall needs to work for our job creators, not against them.  I am dedicated to creating concrete solutions to creating jobs here at home. As I will take these ideas to LA City Hall, I will continue to update you as I make progress in the plan of creating jobs for businesses and job seekers in the City ofLos Angeles.

When the City ofLos Angelespromotes existing businesses and entice new businesses to the city, it increases the tax base, reduces unemployment and it takes people off the government financial support. It also increases spending by the newly employed which again brings more revenues to the city coffers.  When the city provides quality services, reduced bureaucracy and cooperation with business everybody gains.

YJ Draiman

YJ Draiman for Mayor of
Los Angeles 2013

Los Angeles Economic Development – YJ Draiman

March 20, 2012

Los Angeles Economic Development

It is time to remake Los Angeles in the image of our boldest vision – a city of healthy communities with good schools and quality education, innovative companies in new and emerging sectors, quality open space, improved public transportation, a range of mobility and housing options; and above all, a prosperous and productive middle class equipped with the skills and education to create a better future.

It is time to get serious about designing a real economic development program linked to investments in healthy communities. I recently proposed to make Los Angeles the World Capital of Renewable Energy, Energy and Water Efficiency. We have the climate, the manpower, the resources and technology. We must promote energy and water efficiency in all sectors of LA’s economy. This by itself can save the city billions and bring many jobs and economic growth into Los Angeles. We should promote real estate gentrification, affordable housing, urban infill building, economic development and clean tech sorted through the parts of redevelopment worth retaining and retooling combined with some newer elements of economic development necessary to realize this vision of healthy communities.

In the past five years many businesses in LA have closed down or moved out. There are many vacant properties (commercial and residential). Many people have moved out of LA. They can not afford the cost of living, the high taxation, the stifling bureaucracy and varied rules and regulations that choke business development.

We have a dysfunctional leadership in Los Angeles, an inefficient workforce, a demand for entitlement, and crippling budget deficits that are creating an environment of uncertainty for many companies who want to hire people, but are afraid to do so. Capital is stagnant and unattainable, frozen by an over swing of regulation and bureaucracy. We want to get Los Angeles working again, yet many of our wounds are self inflicted, as LA bureaucrats go to work every day piling more regulations and taxes onto the very businesses we ask to grow and create more jobs. This situation must change, or we are doomed.

It is imperative that we reverse this trend.

YJ Draiman

World class renewable energy innovation enterprise zone revealed for Los Angeles – Proposed by YJ Draiman – rev.5

March 20, 2012

World class renewable energy innovation enterprise zone revealed for Los Angeles – Proposed by YJ Draiman – rev.5

YJ Draiman welcomes innovative renewable energy zone approach which will create 200,000 + new jobs over the next 5-10 years.

An ambitious project that will transform the way universities, business and industry collaborate, and establish Los Angeles as a world leader in the research, development and design of next generation renewable energy technology, was announced today, January 2, 2011. Spearheaded by YJ Draiman and the Economic development agency, Draiman Enterprise, and National Technology Renewable Energy Zone, will be established in the city of Los Angeles with the Universities of Southern California Technology Innovation Development at its heart.

A large parcel of land will be allocated to set up the renewable energy enterprise zone site, which will be within the boundaries of Los Angeles. There will be an academic center which will be transformed into a center of excellence for academic research, commercialization and industry collaboration.

The renewable energy zone initiative, which would span further than the confines of the City of Los Angeles and include Southern California, is expected to create 200,000 + new jobs over the next 5-10 years and give a boost to the Los Angeles economy through further industry academia collaboration and inward investment.

The developer said: “This new vision of the Renewable energy Technology Innovation Center will be the cornerstone of Los Angeles Technology and Renewable Energy Zone. The developer’s vision for The Renewable energy Zone is to provide a breeding ground for ambitious companies to harness cutting-edge research, access the best people and develop the products which will shape the renewable energy industry of tomorrow.

“Southern California has already claimed a place on the renewables map attracting energy heavyweights and pioneers in the solar and wind sector and we believe that by establishing this zone we will help reinforce Los Angeles position as a location of choice for the rapidly expanding renewables industry.”
Developer said: “The Universities in the Los Angeles area’s Technology and Innovation Center is a transformational project for Los Angeles, building on California’s great tradition of innovating new technologies and developments in fields; including energy and engineering while creating and supporting hundreds of jobs. Through this collaboration, the aim is to quadruple the scale of research program investment in Los Angeles in areas key to economic growth by up to $10 billion + in five to ten years. “And now, as an integral part of Los Angeles Enterprise’s new Technology and Renewable Energy Zone, which aims to establish Los Angeles as a premier location for inward investment into world-leading technology and renewables research and development, we have the potential to deliver huge economic and social benefits, not only in Los Angeles but nationally and beyond.”

The developer said: “The Technology and Innovation for renewable energy zone will help transform Los Angeles and Southern California. By capitalizing on our leading, industry-relevant research, the renewable energy zone will attract billions of dollars of inward investment to the city of Los Angeles, drive global businesses, create jobs, and support the development of our highly-qualified graduates and postgraduates. “As a leading technological hub of Universities, they are committed to sharing knowledge to address challenges that affect every area of society, including energy, health, manufacturing and economics. The renewable energy zone will forge new levels of collaboration between researchers, the public and private sectors to accelerate the pace of research and development and deliver benefit to companies, the economy and Southern California.” The collaborative approach with the Universities, Los Angeles Enterprise and existing pioneering renewable energy leaders means that companies locating in the zone will have access to government support and some of the world’s best industry and academia in the fields of technology, engineering and energy. The project represents a supportive government and business environment where companies locating in and around the zone may be eligible for additional support for job creation, innovation and staff development, delivered through various California Enterprise schemes.

When the need arises we will establish facilities within the existing Zone that offer temporary accommodation for prospective tenants until construction of the research center is complete or, if required, a purpose-built industry engagement building is created within the Zone.
Renewable energy Zone is designed to draw on Southern California’s existing competitive advantage by providing the right business environment for the renewables industry to continue to grow and further develop. Recent announcements from industry leaders have reinforced Southern California’s position as a world leading city in solar, wind research and development. A leader in energy innovation with unrivalled human and natural resources in renewable energy, Southern California is building on its rich history of oil and gas exploration and developing an infrastructure to cement its position as a world class location for international companies looking to invest in renewable energy and Energy efficiency.

YJ Draiman’s vision for Los Angeles is to make LA the World Capital of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation.

In addition to this theme, I would also set up a department to handle water conservation, rainwater harvesting and greywater.

Implement an infrastructure collection of runoff water and filtering it for useable purposes.

Modify building codes to implement better insulation and efficiency, better energy efficient windows, renewable energy system (photovoltaic and wind combo systems), high efficiency rating HVAC systems, Geothermal systems, envelope exterior that is insulated from the sun’s heat, landscape design for proper shading and drought resistant, rainwater harvesting, greywater systems.

“Good leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion”
“It is Cheaper to Save Energy than Make Energy”
YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2013
Water is the source of life – treasure it! R5.

Should the US government bail out American corporations?

November 5, 2010

Should the US government bail out American corporations?

Does corporate America share its profits with the tax payers? The answer is absolutely not. Do they share the profits with their employees? The executives are paid millions. The US Government should bail out all corporations large and small is that right? The answer is no. If it is a viable business, they can raise the money from investors, if not, let them close shop.
Does corporate America share its profits with the tax payers? The answer is absolutely not. Do they share the profits with their employees? The executives are paid millions. The US Government should bail out all corporations large and small is that right? The answer is no. If it is a viable business, they can raise the money from investors, if not, let them close shop. If the government decides to bail them out if should be at a cost (like shares in the company) where the government will make money and have a say in running the company. Even better have a public referendum where the voters decide. Carmakers want money from the government; the financial institutions want money – where does it stop? It is about time corporate Americans should learn they have to stand on their own feet. Where is corporate America financial responsibility? They claim the government is abusing its financial responsibility; it seems Corporate America is no better. They also go to their workers to take a pay cut, is that fair? It seems the little guys are the ones that always pay the price for corporate financial abuse and miss-management. Other corporations in the world are not asking to be bailed out – they go out of business.

Jay Draiman


The corporate barracudas have no conscience they will step on anyone, stab anyone in the back and fudge the numbers to climb up the corporate ladder and receive the hefty bonuses. As family values have declined in the last half a century so has corporate integrity and honesty, it seems that corporate America will do almost anything for the buck ($) no holds barred. What a shame that corporate America has sunk so low. The government is no different, honesty and integrity is a foreign language, they only serve the special interest groups. (We all know why). What happened to the American people who placed their trust in the government? (The public officials they voted for). We are faced constantly with another corporate or governmental scandal of wrongdoing. When is the American public going to wake up and demand an honest government and honest corporate America? Americans wake up before it is too late.

Jay Draiman


Goldman Sachs sent $4.3 billion in federal tax money to 32 entities, including many overseas banks, hedge funds and pensions, according to information made public Friday night.

Goldman Sachs disclosed the list of companies to the Senate Finance Committee after a threat of subpoena from Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Ia.

Asked the significance of the list, Grassley said, “I hope it’s as simple as taxpayers deserve to know what happened to their money.”

He added, “We thought originally we were bailing out AIG. Then later on … we learned that the money flowed through AIG to a few big banks, and now we know that the money went from these few big banks to dozens of financial institutions all around the world.”

TOPICS: Government
KEYWORDS: government bailout; government watch; bailout, Corporations, Financial institutions.

Should The US government bail out American corporations?

Instant gratification and No commitment

November 4, 2010

Instant gratification and No commitment

Instant gratification and No commitmentInstant gratification and No commitment

People today are looking for instant gratification without considering others or the consequences. They are reluctant or lacking any intention of making a commitment and abiding by that commitment.

Politicians are known for saying the right things at the right time with no real intentions of believing in what they say or the desire to adhere to their promises. It is all for show in front of the Media and the public. Everything has to do with what is politically correct, whether it is the right thing to do or not. Money, economic benefits, fame and power are the controlling interest. The honest concern for the public is covered up with make believe and illusion of responding to public outcry.

Many of the causes are; Peer pressure, living up to the joneses and today’s fast moving society and technology.

The technology we grew up with could easily have cultivated a “now or never” attitude, a predilection for instant gratification that no previous generation had to encounter.

It is time to look beyond self interest, fame and glory. It is time for a conviction to do what is right and ethical for the public interest with no hidden agenda. It is time to regain the trust of the public with honesty, integrity and true intentions and deeds for the public benefit.

Do not look for the quick fix, the best and lasting fix takes strong resolve, hard work, determination and perseverance to accomplish the ultimate goal on behalf of all humanity.

YJ Draiman


You have young people who want instant gratification, and do not have the patience and sacrifice to help achieve those goals.

We won’t experience instant gratification. We must sow before we reap; we must invest before we get a return. In other words, we must lose before we gain; we must give up time before we can experience intimacy with anyone.

In a culture where “instant gratification” and “what is in it for me” … The word you are searching for in that definition is commitment.

The American society and its astonishing attainments have been built mainly upon the burning desires of individuals to achieve their dreams and the freedoms afforded by the society to realize those dreams. The immigrants who reached the shores of America with dreams to labor and live well were not fettered with negative ideologies or concepts but were egged on by a forceful “can-do culture”. To the entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams no river was deep enough, no mountain high enough to thwart their march in pursuit of their dreams.
By any standard, the landing of man on the moon, the Internet, the satellite communication and a host of other technological advances are no less than miracles of the modern age with America contributing the most to these miracles.
While the innovations are all laudable, as they have made life easier and longer, they have also wrought certain malevolent changes. The sequence of desire-effort-patience-fulfillment has been overtaken by a culture of instant gratification that has dropped the element of patience from the natural process, giving rise to distortions, harmful side effects and a set of debatable values.

Posted by YJ Draiman at 9:40 AM

Unauthorized Charges on Your Local Phone – Utility Bill?

October 29, 2010

Unauthorized Charges on Your Local Phone – Utility Bill?

FCC fines Verizon over ‘mystery’ fees $25 million and $52 million in refunds – 10/28/2010


How to Find Them, Eliminate Them & Get Your Money Back!

If your business still gets its phone service through the old “AT&T and Verizon, etc” local phone company (as opposed to one of the newer competitive phone providers) then you need to double check your phone bill each and every month for charges you did not authorize. You may not know it but the local phone company allows other companies to bill you through your local phone bill. And while the local phone company allows other businesses to bill you through your local phone bill, the local phone company does not verify that the charges being billed to you by the other company are valid. When these unauthorized charges fraudulently appear on your phone bill it’s called “cramming”. Unfortunately you as the business owner or manager are the only one that can spot the unauthorized charges and if you don’t comb over your bill every month to spot these unauthorized charges – you’ll pay for them.

Why does the local phone company allow other companies to pass charges onto your phone bill? “Third-party billing” is supposedly a great convenience in that you only have to pay one bill instead of separate bills for obvious authorized phone related charges like yellow-page advertising in the “real yellow pages”, 411 information calls and long-distance calls from your chosen long distance carrier. Over the years though, some less-than-scrupulous companies have realized that most businesses rarely scrutinize their local-phone bills. To take advantage of this, these companies have come up with elaborate schemes to place

unauthorized charges on your phone bill that you’ll end up paying for without even thinking. Unauthorized charges you can end up paying for include charges for unwanted (and unused) email accounts, web sites, directory information calls, directory advertising in obscure publications, voice mail accounts and other services.

In theory, before these charges can be placed on your phone bill, the company that is originating the third-party billed charges is supposed to have a verification of the order like a voice recording. In reality though, all the company needs to do to initiate the charge is submit your name and phone number to the billing entity. The verifications are only required to be produced if a complaint is filed.

To prevent these charges from appearing on you business phone bill it’s helpful to understand the four parties that make unauthorized third party phone charges a costly reality. Party number one is any employee who can answer your business phones. The  unauthorized charge is rarely random and it usually happens after one of your company employees gets a telemarketing call. Employees should be instructed to document and report any overly aggressive telemarketing calls they receive. Party number two is the telemarketing company that originates the unauthorized charges by trying to get your employee to accept some service for which you’ll be billed through your local phone bill. Party number three is the third-party billing company that has billing agreements with your local phone company. The name of the third-party billing is the one that is prominently displayed on your phone bill. After the third-party billing company’s name is the name of the company that is originating the unwanted charges. Party number four is your “former Ma Bell” local phone company that collects the unwanted charges (keeps a share for “Ma”) and then passes the rest to the third-party billing company (who keeps a big share) and then passes the balance on to the company that initiated the unwanted charge.

Following are some of the top third-party billing names and unauthorized charge originators you’ll find on your phone bill. If you see these names on your phone bill you’ll want to call the toll free number listed next to the charge to confirm it’s a charge that’s been properly authorized to be placed on your bill. Following are actual examples that we’ve recently found while auditing business phone bills.

We recommend customers should review any utility bills issued by deregulated utility companies. (In most instances today, consumers are paying higher charges to the deregulated gas and electric supply companies).

All Utility – Energy, gas, electric and water bills should be reviewed for proper reading and tariff.

If you suspect that you have been overcharged ask for detailed explanation and or file a complaint with your State Utility Commission.

YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA