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Businesses flee Los Angeles as economy tanks – YJ Draiman

March 20, 2012

Businesses flee Los Angeles as economy tanks

Within the past months I spoke to numerous business owners in LA to discuss industry growth, where there are over 20,000 businesses.   While speaking to the business folks and community leaders, it was apparent that many businesses represented were struggling to pay the bills and just keep their business afloat. They are struggling to stay open, let alone expand and hire more employees. These problems reach far beyond businesses in LA they are very real struggles for thousands of families and workers inLos Angelesand across the county.

I am very concerned with what we can do to create more jobs.  I was a small businessman myself and I know the inherent difficulties businesses face trying to keep a business up and running, let alone with City Hall getting in the way making it harder and more expensive.  The policies coming out of LA’s City Hall have failed, and it is time to fix it.

Just recently I was talking to some business owners and I asked what is would be like if every business in LA added just one more employee.  There are over 20,000 small businesses in theLos Angelesarea. Think about what a difference it would make in our communities, and to our families if each of these businesses were able to hire somebody who is unemployed.
It is the small businesses, the “mom and pop shops,” that employ our families and drive the economy of our communities, and I need the opinions of these folks that are on the front line.  That is why I have devoted endless hours and days to find out what could be done do to persuade every business to hire just one more employee.

I recently inquired of some businesses asking what the city could do to help them grow their business.  What law, tax or regulation is keeping you from hiring?  Is there a city policy that is hurting rather than helping your business?  What can the city do to help you expand?

I started receiving feedback.  I received responses that ranged from concrete ideas on how to reform the city tax code to repealing burdensome city laws and regulations that are impeding on their business expansion.

With the responses I received, I decided to meet with additional interested businesses owners in our community to further discuss their ideas, where I discussed the critical issues hindering job growth in LA and what City Hall can do to get LA working again. Business owners and leaders from a wide array of industry discussed what is keeping them from hiring one more worker.  Additional input is required in order to come up with viable plan.

The frustration of these business owners is palpable, and I share this frustration.  In these tough economic times, LA City Hall needs to work for our job creators, not against them.  I am dedicated to creating concrete solutions to creating jobs here at home. As I will take these ideas to LA City Hall, I will continue to update you as I make progress in the plan of creating jobs for businesses and job seekers in the City ofLos Angeles.

When the City ofLos Angelespromotes existing businesses and entice new businesses to the city, it increases the tax base, reduces unemployment and it takes people off the government financial support. It also increases spending by the newly employed which again brings more revenues to the city coffers.  When the city provides quality services, reduced bureaucracy and cooperation with business everybody gains.

YJ Draiman

YJ Draiman for Mayor of
Los Angeles 2013

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