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YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA

October 29, 2010

YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA 

Statement to the voters

Dear Los Angelinos;


I am running for Mayor to get Los Angelesback to the thriving and robust city it should be. The present administration DOES NOT serve the best interest of the people ofLos Angeles.


During this time of great urgency, I will focus every day on bringing innovative solutions to the economic crisis that is holding our city back — solutions such as retaining and bringing businesses to the city, fiscal responsibility which will reduce the financial burden on taxpayers; transparency, make Los Angeles the city that works, protect core city services; and make our neighborhoods stronger, safer, and attractive to jobs and businesses.


It is time to restore honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency in government.  It is time to put our differences aside, and put an end to special interests which only serve the few.  It is time for City Hall to serve the best interests of all the people of this once great city.


We all know these tough economic conditions are affecting our city greatly. I believe in a coordinated effort and I believe in the people of this great city. I plan on working together with the people of this city.


As a cohesive force, we will transform our city into the most dynamic place in the nation.


My vision forLos Angelesis to make LA the World Capital of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation.


Today’s economic crisis is of utmost concern for all Americans.  In these hard economic times, we must unify as a cohesive force to address the need for more jobs, better housing, a healthcare system which works for all; and most importantly, to stop the deterioration of the educational system which is depriving our children of the necessary tools for their, and our future.


Now, I am asking for your help to transform all ofLos Angeles. Please sign up for the latest updates, connect with me on Facebook and Twitter, and ask any question or concern and I will respond.


I look forward to working with all the people to getLos Angelesback to the status it deserves.




YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles

Do you want to eliminate waste? – Elect – YJ Draiman


YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA

(March 5, 2013 Election)

Contact:   818-366-6999

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  1. October 29, 2010 4:54 pm

    YJ Draiman for L.A. City Council District 12

    “Transparency and accountability is my motto”

    In order to change direction, we must change the leaders and their staff

    Decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world for many generations into the future. Ensuring that decisions being made about our energy, water, and natural resources are sustainable is central to this belief. This also applies to political, financial and economic decisions that affect/obligates current and future generations.

  2. November 29, 2010 8:56 am

    Confronting the Challenges of Tomorrow
    While Cherishing Today

    Our world today confronts current economic hardship, which represent both a challenge and an opportunity for us to assert our ability to work together for the good of all. Efforts to combat abuse and waste have fallen short. Many countries around the world suffer from the shortage of resources such as water and energy, which threatens their stability and whose capacity and resources disable them from containing the panic, thus necessitating, in such a situation, assistance for those countries in dealing with the crisis. Our world also confronts numerous environmental challenges such as limited and declining natural resources, climate change, drought and desertification, all of which require the redoubling of worldwide efforts to address them in order to safeguard the right of future generations to a secure life. The scarcity of water and energy threatens the eruption of conflicts in different parts of the world, and the nations of the world are therefore called upon to maximize the benefit from, and the proper management of, available water and energy resources while respecting and protecting the acquired rights of nations to utilize and further develop those resources.
    We must work together as a cohesive force to expedite development of natural resources, eliminate the abuse of the environment. Utilize today’s technology to expand the desalinization of water increase and expedite the development of Alternative energy with an environmental balance.
    We must learn to appreciate what we have today while protecting and preserving our natural resources for our sake and for future generations.
    YJ Draiman

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