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Instant gratification and No commitment

November 4, 2010

Instant gratification and No commitment

Instant gratification and No commitmentInstant gratification and No commitment

People today are looking for instant gratification without considering others or the consequences. They are reluctant or lacking any intention of making a commitment and abiding by that commitment.

Politicians are known for saying the right things at the right time with no real intentions of believing in what they say or the desire to adhere to their promises. It is all for show in front of the Media and the public. Everything has to do with what is politically correct, whether it is the right thing to do or not. Money, economic benefits, fame and power are the controlling interest. The honest concern for the public is covered up with make believe and illusion of responding to public outcry.

Many of the causes are; Peer pressure, living up to the joneses and today’s fast moving society and technology.

The technology we grew up with could easily have cultivated a “now or never” attitude, a predilection for instant gratification that no previous generation had to encounter.

It is time to look beyond self interest, fame and glory. It is time for a conviction to do what is right and ethical for the public interest with no hidden agenda. It is time to regain the trust of the public with honesty, integrity and true intentions and deeds for the public benefit.

Do not look for the quick fix, the best and lasting fix takes strong resolve, hard work, determination and perseverance to accomplish the ultimate goal on behalf of all humanity.

YJ Draiman


You have young people who want instant gratification, and do not have the patience and sacrifice to help achieve those goals.

We won’t experience instant gratification. We must sow before we reap; we must invest before we get a return. In other words, we must lose before we gain; we must give up time before we can experience intimacy with anyone.

In a culture where “instant gratification” and “what is in it for me” … The word you are searching for in that definition is commitment.

The American society and its astonishing attainments have been built mainly upon the burning desires of individuals to achieve their dreams and the freedoms afforded by the society to realize those dreams. The immigrants who reached the shores of America with dreams to labor and live well were not fettered with negative ideologies or concepts but were egged on by a forceful “can-do culture”. To the entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams no river was deep enough, no mountain high enough to thwart their march in pursuit of their dreams.
By any standard, the landing of man on the moon, the Internet, the satellite communication and a host of other technological advances are no less than miracles of the modern age with America contributing the most to these miracles.
While the innovations are all laudable, as they have made life easier and longer, they have also wrought certain malevolent changes. The sequence of desire-effort-patience-fulfillment has been overtaken by a culture of instant gratification that has dropped the element of patience from the natural process, giving rise to distortions, harmful side effects and a set of debatable values.

Posted by YJ Draiman at 9:40 AM
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